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Our services include:

We offer a comprehensive range of services for licensing and from initial concept through to going to market.

  • Appraisal and Advice
  • Market Evaluation
  • Assistance with Prototyping
  • Computer Modelling
  • Developing a Licensing Programme
  • Issues of Protection
  • Drafting and Preparation of Documents
  • Expert Negotiation
  • Managing the Licence
  • Investment Referrals

What we do

Put simply a means by which one party permits another to deal with and use his property which might otherwise be unlawful.

It applies to most property but is particularly suitable for what is called intellectual property, such as patents, designs, marks, copyright and industrial secrets.

The primary advantages of licensing this property is that its owner derives value from its exploitation with minimal risk as the recipient company, the licensee, will meet the costs of production, marketing, sales ,stocking and sometimes research and development. For the use of the property in this way a fee is paid called a Royalty. For most private individuals, this is by far the least troublesome route to market.

Innovation Support Services have developed hard won expertise in locating those suitable licensees and are able to support the client with a raft of specialist services to accomplish that end both prior to, during and after an agreement is reached. A tailor made protocol will be made available to clients, identifying all the relevant steps in this sophisticated process of delivery and where necessary, specifying clearly the costs involved.

Nigel Howarth Worth is a trained IP lawyer with many years experience in drafting and preparing all relevant agreements to secure the property and its path to market. ISS have also negotiated very favourable terms with Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys to better assist the client in ensuring that the IP is adequately protected and that value is maximised. Quotations for such additional agency work will be readily obtained on request.

As a party of the development process in the handling of intellectual property it may be necessary to prove the performance or viability of the ideas before and during the approaches to market. ISS have access to a range of funding sources to accomplish prototyping and modelling. Furthermore and ultimately in assisting manufacturers with the expansion capital needed to implement the product. Each product is unique and different financial vehicles will apply depending on the nature and purpose of the funds required, but a package can often be found which suits the client’s circumstances.

Incidental to the procurement of finance for all related reasons, it is inevitable the some form of solid plan is put together to establish expectations for return and identify capital needs. Conventionally this will be sought by any lending source and may also be critical to securing support from Government in the event that grants or loans become available. ISS are well practised in the preparation of the right sort of plan to fulfil the clients differing needs so to give the project its best chance of successful support.

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